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YOGA BENEFITS - 10 POSITIVE EFFECTS FOR YOUR HEALTH Why should you do yoga? We all know that regular exercise and movement are good for our bodies. But what special effects do we unleash through yoga? The great thing is: Yoga has many effects that can have a positive impact on our health - both mentally and physically. What are the benefits of yoga? What do you have to consider? What happens to my body when I do the exercises? In this article you will find the 10 positive effects yoga has on your health and why you should therefore incorporate regular exercises into your everyday life. Here we go! 1. CONTROL BREATHING Probably the most important and perhaps most valuable aspect of yoga is the effect it has on breathing. Nothing is as decisive for the sequence of movements, but also for the entire yoga session, as correct breathing or breathing technique. Learning these is one of the basic principles and affects the entire implementation. It ensures that you can find your inner pe

10 Habits That Can Improve Your Life

10 Habits That Can Improve Your Life

We always hear the phrase: "live a healthy life", but many of us think that it is "dieting". What few know is that beyond that it can help you improve your lifestyle and the quality of your days: detoxifying your body and providing better digestion.
Why have a healthy life? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), deaths from cancer and cardiovascular problems are increasing every year. About 1.3 million people die annually from cancer in America; while cardiovascular diseases have become the leading cause of death in the world.
Both diseases are directly associated with having a healthy life, that is, having a balanced diet and an active life through exercises.
To achieve a healthy life, we ​​can start by modifying certain behavior's:

1. Eat what is necessary

Try to make a diet that accelerates your metabolism. A study carried out in Japan showed that the longest-lived people in that country stop eating when they feel 80% full. Another way to speed up metabolism could be by eating foods that stimulate this change, such as green tea.

2. Avoid microwave

Various studies carried out since the beginning of 2000, showed that microwaved food can lose up to 98% of its main nutrients.
In the event that you have no other option than to use a microwave, do not eat the food heated there until after 60 seconds, since that is an approximate time for the effect of the microwave waves to pass.

3. Socialize

Loneliness, in addition to causing depression, increases the risk of heart disease in the elderly, especially if they are widowed or have lost a close relative.

4. Have a healthy diet

Eat food your body needs and provide it with the nutrients, vitamins and fiber it needs to stay active and healthy. So, go to a nutritionist to find out what food you need.
It is very important when you consider your intake of fats, salt and sugar, and you should watch your portion sizes. If you eat more sugars and solid fats, you risk becoming overweight. To minimize this risk, drink more water in place of sweet beverages. Try as much as possible to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Instead of using solid fats for cooking, you may also want to consider using healthier oils.

5. Exercise

Take advantage of at least 30 minutes of your day to take a few walks and thus avoid the risk of suffering from heart disease. It is important that your body performs exercises that involve movement and calorie burning every day.
You need regular exercise to stay in good shape. Make exercise a habit. Make some physical activity as a part of your daily routine. Avoid sitting in front of the TV or computer for so many hours. Take a few minutes stretch or an activity break from time to time. Staying physically active can help you to sleep well, stay mobile, maintain strong bones, muscles and helps you to achieve a healthy weight.
It lowers the risk of suffering from depression and premature death. Not staying physically active can increase the risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetes, developing high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and even suffering a stroke.

6. Sleep at your hours

Sleeping helps your body maintain physical and mental health, as well as regulate and heal the cells of our body. So instead of adding a few hours to your day while avoiding sleep, add a few years of quality sleeping the hours you need. 
Getting enough sleep can protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. Furthermore, having enough sleep is a good habit to keep up, because sleep enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. Getting adequate rest may also help prevent excess weight gain, depression, tragic accidents, heart disease, and increased illness duration.
The proper rest should not be considered optional. It is vital for our body and brain to function well. It helps us in learning and retention of new information.

7. Avoid Negative Thinking

One thing you must remember is that, there is no one on earth who does what is right all the time and never makes a mistake. The fact that you have faults and make mistakes shows that you are human being, not that you are a failure. Accept things as they come, and try to make improvement from time to time. 
Avoid comparisons and ultimately be realistic. Instead of focusing on your failures, focus more about your winnings. Praise yourself from time to time and celebrate your achievements. Following these suggestions won’t only stop negative feelings but will also boost your self-esteem. 

8. Examine Your Friendship

Are you proud to be associated with the people you called your friends? Do you enjoy being with them? If your answer to these 2 questions is yes, then you have great friends, but if not, you need to do some quick clean up. A friend’s influence can make you set your goals and work towards achieving them. A good friend will always encourage and motivate you to achieve your goals in life.

9. Don’t Personalized What People Say

When someone says something offensive, or treats you in a not too nice way, unless you did something to merit a reaction, chances are the offensive words say more about the person than it does about you. Do not be discouraged by others, don’t let them get the better of you by letting you do things that you will later regret.
Keep your head straight, build on your progress and do not let people bring you down. Not only because you should stay focused and because what they said likely isn’t true or doesn’t matter, but because most of all it wasn’t really about you in the first place.

10. Show Gratitude

Start a gratitude journal, take time to appreciate your friends and family. Remind yourself of at least one thing you’re grateful for every day before going to bed. The more you appreciate the little joys of life, the happier you’ll be. Appreciation is like a good meal. It is more enjoyable when shared. When we feel appreciated, we are happy.
Conclusively, when we express our gratitude, we make others happy. The person who receives our gratitude knows that his efforts to help us, or to give us something we need. It will drastically improve our life.

Have a positive attitude towards life

Every morning, when you wake up its up to you to let negative energy control your life or choose to live with positivity. A positive attitude towards life can affect your life favorably in all areas. Besides, it can help boost your self-confidence, morale and self-esteem. In conclusion, a positive attitude also brings optimism into your life. Also, it makes it easier to avoid worries and negative thinking and that can change your life.

Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

On the other hand, following these tips, you will achieve: 
  • Prevent various diseases in time, not only the most dangerous.
  • Live longer, thanks to a good metabolism.
  • You will have better mental health, avoiding degenerative brain diseases.
  • You will take better care of yours, instilling good habits.
  • You will have balance in your life, organizing yourself better. 
Remember that you only need to focus and discipline to include this routine in your day to day life, your body will thank you for this. So, don't forgot to comment in below comment section, with what healthy habit will you start adding years to your life?


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