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Find The Importance of Leading a Healthy Life From Today

Find The Importance of Leading a Healthy Life From Today Index of contents: 1. Your mood and state of mind will improve 2. A healthy life means better health 3. Your fitness will be better 4. Stronger bones and joints 5. You will develop your brain better 6. Feeling of youth      We always hear from peoples that good habits are important to have a " healthy life ", but many of us do not know the real meaning of Healthy Life. In some cases, we translate it as: change your diet to lose weight and reduce health risks. This happens, in most cases, due to the lack of a culture of prevention. Therefore, in this post we will tell you about the benefits and the importance of having a healthy lifestyle to avoid health problems.  1. Your mood and state of mind will improve When you feel relaxed, you play all the sports and eat healthy food; your body just feels good about itself. For example, when you exercise, your body produces endorphins, the hormone that produces

Improve Your Health With Half an Hour of Exercise a Day

Improve your health with half an hour of exercise a day

Having a balanced diet is not enough to enjoy good health. The equation is not complete without an exercise routine that helps you prevent disease and live better. Half an hour of exercise a day is what you need to take care of diseases such as cancer and will provide you with numerous benefits for your body. Here we will give you some recommendations of health exercise routines for you to do inside or outside the home.

Many studies have shown for years that constant physical activity is a way to prevent cancer and other diseases. In this article we will motivate you to leave "laziness" aside so that you can organize yourself and dedicate at least 30 minutes of your day to your health and exercise. Constantly, you will see the great benefits that you will notice in yourself.

How to start an exercise routine?

If it has been a long time since you last performed physical activities, it may make you more tired when starting the new daily exercise routine, but that is normal, especially if you have not had the habit of exercising. With perseverance, effort and perseverance, your body will get used to it little by little and you will be able to increase the time to your daily exercise routine.

The important thing is not to exhaust yourself, but to get the whole organism to participate in the demand for physical exercise. It will always be emphasized that quality is what counts. Quality and regularity for the good of your health and constant exercise.

Exercises to do at home

Actually, we can take advantage of many moments for physical activities at home:

  • Up and down the stairs.
  • Perform household chores: sweeping, waxing, making beds. And if you do it with music, you will motivate yourself better.
  • Dancing: Dancing is not only a fabulous cardiovascular exercise, but it also provides numerous benefits for your health, such as preventing various types of cancer, as well as Alzheimer's and reducing cholesterol levels.

In general, everything that involves movement and effort will do: it is an exercise that will gradually add to our scheduled and necessary "healthy half hour" each day. 

If you get into the rhythm of the exercises and want to increase the effort for greater results, you can do the following exercises in 3 series of 1 minute for each exercise, and rest 50 seconds between each one.

  • Squats: Squat down, bending your knees and hips. Your knees should not go past the tips of your feet. Combine the squat with jumps and you will get a more aerobic exercise.
  • Climbers: get into a plank position and alternate the movement of the legs bringing the knee to the chest. It is the same movement you do when climbing stairs or running. You must keep your shoulders and hands aligned.
  • Plank: consists of supporting yourself on the balls of your feet and on your forearms, making a 90-degree angle with your elbow. Activate the abdomen and hold the position as indicated.
  • Scissor jumps: as simple as jumping by opening and closing your legs while opening and closing your arms.
  • Knee Raise: Movement is similar to running on your spot (without moving), but lifting your knees at a 90-degree angle to your hip.

Outdoor exercises

If you like to ride a bicycle, spending half an hour pedaling each day, will allow you to enjoy something besides being healthy.

If it is about walking, it is good to do it with energy, concentrating on the exercise.

It is true that physical activity can be presented under different aspects, such as that of those who practice some sport (the weekly flash), but what matters is that you do it regularly.

Being constant, as difficult as that may seem in a hectic life, is really important because physical exercise is going to become something that will be incorporated into our daily activities and we will do it naturally. Neither more nor less than eating or sleeping.

If you want more detail about the exercises I recommend, you can enter: Five simple exercises that you can do during the summer.


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