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YOGA BENEFITS - 10 POSITIVE EFFECTS FOR YOUR HEALTH Why should you do yoga? We all know that regular exercise and movement are good for our bodies. But what special effects do we unleash through yoga? The great thing is: Yoga has many effects that can have a positive impact on our health - both mentally and physically. What are the benefits of yoga? What do you have to consider? What happens to my body when I do the exercises? In this article you will find the 10 positive effects yoga has on your health and why you should therefore incorporate regular exercises into your everyday life. Here we go! 1. CONTROL BREATHING Probably the most important and perhaps most valuable aspect of yoga is the effect it has on breathing. Nothing is as decisive for the sequence of movements, but also for the entire yoga session, as correct breathing or breathing technique. Learning these is one of the basic principles and affects the entire implementation. It ensures that you can find your inner pe

Why You Should Start Your Day With Morning Meditation?

Why You Should Start Your Day With Morning Meditation?

    Starting with practicing meditation might be difficult when you are a beginner. Starting your mornings with meditation, however, will significantly boost the rest of the day.

    What do Ray Dalio, Miranda Kerr, Russell Simmons and Eva Mendes all have in common? You probably guessed it, but yes, they all meditate frequently. So why is it that all these people, individually all successful in their field, all value the power of meditation.

So, what is the Deal with Meditation?

Meditation, similar like a workout, is a form of exercise. Meditation is an exercise for our mind and like normal exercise you will immediately reap benefits when you exercise.

In my article on 'Stay Fit Blogs', I have discussed why it is better to start your day with a workout. Meditation provides similar benefits to start the day with as it sets your mindset for the rest of the day. But before we dive into this let’s look at the three reasons why meditation is beneficial in the first place.

1. Balances your Mind

    Meditation is a great tool that helps you to balance your mind and create peace with who and what you are. Often, we are not able to control our emotions and thoughts can emerge at any given time. Often the thoughts that emerge are negative and they don’t help us with what we want to achieve. But why do we have those thoughts? 

    You can think of your mind as your desk. If your desk is properly organized you can always find whatever you need, you have less distraction and you are able to better focus on your tasks at hand. The mind is like a desk, a messy mind will result in distraction, reduced focus, and trouble to get things done. 

    Meditation allows you to order your mind and thoughts and help to eliminate negativity in your life. A clearer mind will help you to be calmer, better aligned and helps you to give a place to negative feelings in order to focus on positivity.

2. Source of Reflection and Inspiration

    When your mind is more balanced and calm it will help you to better reflect on who you are and what you want. This is very important as it is impossible to reach a destination without knowing where you are going. Some might say that the destination is not always important, it is the journey that matters. Still it is important to have a road-map for yourself and to know what you want to achieve.

    A moment of self-reflection allows you to evaluate where you currently are and what you need to do to get to the next step. Sometimes we are limiting ourselves in our subconscious and an honest self-reflection allows us to identify such boundaries. Often this mindset helps us to think of different approaches or solutions that we have not thought about before. 

    Meditation as a tool to spark inspiration has also been applied by many great thought leaders such as; Confucius, Edison, Einstein, and Buddha. Once you are more experienced in meditation you will find that it is easier to tap into your subconscious to stimulate inspiration.

3. Rejuvenation

    We all know that feeling after we spend a day pampering ourselves. Maybe you went to visit a spa, or maybe you enjoyed a spiritual experience, we all know how good we feel with our body and mind after we focus on ourselves. We all sometimes have to reset our system.

    Let’s take another example. If you are reading this you will most likely own a computer, no matter how careful you are over time our systems get clogged down. After we reset our computers, the system seems rejuvenated and operates just like when you bought it. Meditation does the same to our body, it allows you to reset to feel rejuvenated after.

Actionable Tips to Start with Morning Meditation

    In order to fully reap the benefits, it is best to start the day with a meditation session. This will help you to reflect on what you want to achieve for the day and will energize your body and mind. If you are new to meditation please be aware that you do not have to start with meditating for half an hour, you can just as easily start with 10 minutes.

To achieve optimal results, follow the simple steps below:

1. Plan Time to Meditate

    This goes without saying ensure that you plan time for morning meditation. Meditation is not something that you can do when you are rushed, therefore it is decisive that you have scheduled enough time and peacefulness for your morning meditation. If your mornings are already rushed, wake up earlier to make time for morning meditation, again this doesn’t have to be long and 10 minutes is a great start!

2. Claim your Spot!

    Meditation is all about creating a certain mindset for yourself. In order to create such a mindset, it is important that you find a spot that helps you to become peaceful and calm. Where you create this spot is entirely up to you but make sure that it is something where you can relax. Personally, I firmly believe in different environments for different mindsets and purposes. 

3. Let go

    Once you have found a spot where you can relax and feel comfortable you can start your morning meditation. Let go of all thoughts in your head and don’t try to control or steer your thoughts. You might experience a lot of worries coming up, this is okay, just let go of your thoughts.

    Maybe you are thinking of that article that you wanted to finish, or the chores that you still need to do. Again, having these thoughts is okay, but do not engage with them. Your role during meditation is one as an observer and you can take note of the thoughts you are having, but that’s it. The reason that all these thoughts pop up is because your subconscious is processing them. You will find that once you meditate more often you will have fewer thoughts popping up in your mind.

    So that’s it! The main reasons and actionable tips for you to start with morning meditation. Are you already practicing meditation in the morning and what works or doesn’t work for you, be sure to leave a comment below!

Stay Healthy, Stay Fit.


  1. Something I have been looking forward to start. This article motivates me to start meditation


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