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6 Tips To Eat Healthy Outside The Home

6 Tips To Eat Healthy Outside The Home With today's hectic lifestyles, most of us end up eating out at least once a week. That could mean grabbing a sandwich from the supermarket for lunch, ordering take-out for dinner, or splurging on a special meal at a favourite restaurant.Choosing food is an action guided in many cases by taste and pleasure, but recent studies indicate that the more information you have about the quality of food, its nutrients and benefits for your health, the more you will be able to make intelligent decisions regarding to what you eat.“Eating out doesn’t have to mean eating poorly,” keeping the following tips in mind when eating at a restaurant or fast-food place:1. Avoid SaucesMost restaurants accompany their dishes with sauces and creams to suit the consumer, but these usually contain fat, processed products and excess salt. Instead, ask for balsamic vinegar and olive oil to accompany your food in a healthier way. 2. Soda, ByeThe same happens when you accomp…

Junk Food: What Leads Us To Consume It Frequently?

Junk Food: What Leads Us To Consume It Frequently?

A food item which has more calories but very less amount of nutritional value is referred to as junk food. It usually has high content of salt, sugar and fat. When we say junk food it includes convenience food as well as fast food. Our body needs various kinds of vitamins, minerals and fiber to be fit and healthy. junk food that we eat provides none of these benefits and puts us at a risk of getting unhealthy. All baked goods like potato chips, cookies etc. are prepared in such a way that they look appealing and mouth-watering.

Also junk foods have low satiation value- which means, they don’t make us feel full which often results in overeating or binge eating. Nowadays junk foods tend to replace the nutritious and healthful foods that our body requires to be healthy and fit.

For various reasons, people are more and more likely to choose a pizza or a donuts instead of a traditional dish that is much more nutritious and healthier. Have you ever wondered why? Also what happens if you eat junk food everyday?

Here are some of the reasons why we love fast (or junk) food so much and disadvantages of junk foods. To do this, we will analyze the biological, cultural and social factors.

1. Biological Factors

This factor is related to the effects on the body that junk food produces and that lead us to want to eat more.

In general, junk food produces a feeling of well-being and satiety because it stimulates the production of dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter that produces pleasure, relaxation and well-being. For this reason, people are often inclined to eat junk food when they feel anxious or stressed.

In fact, stress has long been linked to a poor diet. People tend to overeat foods high in fat, sugar, and calories under stressful circumstances. These stress-induced habits were verified in an investigation carried out in research. This research was aimed at discovering the relationship between test stress and change in diet quality. The researchers discovered that those who eat in response to negative emotions or because of the smell of food, among others, have a greater risk of making unhealthy eating decisions in times of stress.

2. Cultural Factors

According to research, this factor is related to custom, that is, the way of life that a person or family has.

Many people have gotten into the habit of consuming junk food at least 3 times a week. In the case of a family with children, this can be more detrimental, as parents spread the habit of eating fast food easily to their children, as they develop their dietary preferences at an early age.

Research carried out in 2007 and published in Public Health Nutrition, which sought to establish the potential influence of parents on children's eating behavior, found that the more frequent the purchase of fast food for family lunch or dinner, the lower the amount of nutritious food at home. Also, some related statistics obtained by the research indicate that the amount of vegetables served at lunch was much higher in families who ate 1-2 fast foods a week than families who ate fast food 3 or more times a week.

Another cultural factor is the sedentary lifestyle of the people, which indicates the little desire to move around and do some physical activity. These people prefer to order junk food as it is the quickest and easiest to obtain. In addition, they make the order through the internet so as not to leave home. Therefore, fast food complements well with sedentary lifestyle.

3. Social Factors

The junk food advertising is everywhere: on television, magazines, newspapers, on the streets and online. They aim to attract new customers and, in particular, potential future consumers. Therefore, children are the favourite target audience, since they are easier to influence with advertising and other mechanisms, such as attractive packaging, free toys and children's games in restaurants.

Another reason why people eat more fast food is that it is easier to get. It is not only that fast food can be ordered online easily, but there are more fast-food outlets on the street than traditional food. Research concluded that people are more likely to consume poorly nutritious foods due to local patterns of food availability. Thus, the concentration of fast-food restaurants would lead to people who consume more of these products.

Fast Food and Cancer

Fast food is characterized by being high in fat, with sugars that are easily and quickly absorbed, and even high in sodium and low in fiber. Therefore, they have a very low nutritional content, and their excessive consumption can cause various diseases and problems, such as overweight and obesity. Being overweight is known to be a risk factor for cancer. The higher the weight, the higher the risk of cancer. Do not stop reading it, you will discover, at the same time, the importance of maintaining an ideal weight.


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