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What And How To Eat In Winter

What And How To Eat In Winter At this time of year, a hot soup warms us up and brightens our day. That is why in this blog will review other foods for winter , tasty and ideal to increase your body temperature, but not your weight . A rule, to begin with: winter is not synonymous with eating all the time. You can feel a pleasant warmth with warm drinks, such as an emollient, an infusion, pineapple water or old coffee. As far as possible, avoid adding sugar or use panela, sweetener or some natural sweetener instead. Some essential foods at this time are fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in antioxidants . That is, they reduce the production of free radicals, molecules that cause some respiratory processes. Some recommended fruits in winter are: Lemon Plum Pineapple Orange Mandarin Orange apples Pear All of these contain vitamin C , which reduces the chance of acquiring respiratory tract infections. Vegetables also contain significant concentrations of this vit

5 Healthy Options For Fun Activities With Your Children

5 Healthy Options For Fun Activities With Your Children

Boys are active, they don't rest and they always want to play or do new activities - that's their job! Yours is to keep them healthy so they can enjoy their childhood, but how can you plan physical and fun activities that are also healthy?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), physical activity includes exercise, but also other activities that involve body movement and are carried out as part of moments of play, work, active forms of transport, housework and recreational activities.

If you are concerned about not having enough time to share with your children, the solution is to find comprehensive healthy activities in which you can dedicate quality time, essential for the development of their confidence, self-esteem and exploiting their talents. These are some of the activities to share together.

1. Exercise Together

When your children realize that playing sports and maintaining a life with physical activity is essential in the family routine, they will be more motivated to do them themselves. Playing soccer (Football) together on a regular basis, teaching them to kick and run with the ball, taking long walks in the park or dancing together outdoors will strengthen their bonds and the positive idea of sport as a means of recreation.

It should be noted that with regard to physical activities in children, WHO recommends the following:

Children and young people from 5 to 17 years old should do at least 60 minutes a day in physical activities of moderate to vigorous intensity.

Physical activity for more than 60 minutes a day will have an even greater health benefit.

Daily physical activity should be, most part, aerobic. It is ideal to incorporate, at least three times a week, vigorous activities that strengthen, in particular, the muscles and bones.

2. Board Games

They seem taken from another era, especially now that online games are more popular, but board games have the power to concentrate the whole family around the same goal, in addition, they help them develop their strategy and work skills in team.

The challenge is that the boys, so technological now, do not get bored but for this your job will be to lead the activity. Remember that your children learn from you as a role model. Put your cell phone aside, take the opportunity to reinforce values such as companionship and healthy competition and have fun!

3. Family Meals

Sitting at the table together every day can be difficult due to the dynamics of modern life, but choosing one meal of the day - which can be breakfast or dinner - to share plans of the day or experiences of the day. up to date with the lives of your children, know their concerns, how they are progressing in school or if they need help or guidance.

This discipline reinforces the emotional bond between parents and children, builds solid foundations for trust and, when it is already a routine, it becomes a “safe space” for them where they know they will have your full attention. Take advantage of feeding them healthily and reminding them of the importance of good nutrition.

4. Practice Some Discipline

Your children need to learn the value of discipline and effort, which is why your daily influence is so valuable. Enroll together in healthy activities that demand formal compliance such as martial arts, singing classes, or art workshops. When they notice the level of commitment you put into activities, you will be reinforcing their self-discipline and socialization skills.

Make sure that the activities have a minimum of three months of compliance to establish the habit in your little ones. Then give them the option to continue or switch to a new healthy activity. It is normal for them to want to change frequently, especially when they are very active.

5. Research Together

Children's curiosity is limitless. Getting involved in their science projects at school or feeding their mind with facts that have to do with the planet, nature, inventions and technology is a great way to spend time together while learning. 

Plan an afternoon of research and trivia games, fun facts about the Universe, or a “mystery solving” session. Children ask everything to their parents and their parents are the heroes who can answer everything. Would you dare to organize an afternoon to talk about the fascinating facts of planet Earth or the movements of rotation and translation? Sounds like fun.

When families foster a positive learning climate, with a warm emotional environment, in which more support than criticism is provided, where the child is considered as a unique entity, their talents are highlighted and is not ignored, they are walking a path healthy parenting. This helps reinforce the values, in which your children can learn while having fun with healthy activities as a family.


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