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What And How To Eat In Winter

What And How To Eat In Winter At this time of year, a hot soup warms us up and brightens our day. That is why in this blog will review other foods for winter , tasty and ideal to increase your body temperature, but not your weight . A rule, to begin with: winter is not synonymous with eating all the time. You can feel a pleasant warmth with warm drinks, such as an emollient, an infusion, pineapple water or old coffee. As far as possible, avoid adding sugar or use panela, sweetener or some natural sweetener instead. Some essential foods at this time are fruits and vegetables, as they are rich in antioxidants . That is, they reduce the production of free radicals, molecules that cause some respiratory processes. Some recommended fruits in winter are: Lemon Plum Pineapple Orange Mandarin Orange apples Pear All of these contain vitamin C , which reduces the chance of acquiring respiratory tract infections. Vegetables also contain significant concentrations of this vit

5 Outdoor Activities to Clear Your Mind

5 Outdoor Activities to Clear Your Mind

The day-to-day at work, the commitments we have scheduled, or other circumstances make our minds load causing mental exhaustion that can lead to stress. Find out what outdoor activities you can do to keep your body and mind relaxed and how to keep your mind calm and focused.

Outdoor activities, such as physical activity, are able to reduce the symptoms of depression in many cases, it has even been shown that 2 weeks after starting these activities, the antidepressant effect decreases in the person who does it.

That is why it is important to give our mind a break, doing activities that calm it down, relaxing its muscles and making them more flexible. This way you can ward off anxiety, depression or sleep problems that you can often suffer from due to the rhythm of life.

Benefits offered by outdoor activities

Performing relaxation activities can achieve great changes in our body, since it allows all the accumulated load of day to day to be released, and the mind to recharge with energy to start again. Here are some of the benefits of maintaining an outdoor routine:

  • Goodbye to stress and tension, achieve the perfect balance between mind and body.
  • Improve your physical condition, in addition to relaxing you can take care of your body because it keeps you physically active.
  • Free your mind, get rid of negative thoughts in search of spiritual and mental peace.
  • Improve your mental health and brain function, since exposure to green spaces makes you breathe clean air with less pollution.
  • Increase your longevity, also improve cardiovascular health.
  • Increases vitality, well-being and self-esteem.
  • Help to socialize with other people, improve your relationships with people.

Outdoor activities to relax or 5 relaxing things to do.

1. Do Yoga

Practicing yoga is one of the most beneficial activities par excellence, as it manages to find that calm and emotional stability that the body so much needs to continue. In addition, it benefits the mind, body and spirit with the techniques used by those who practice this discipline.

Dare to practice it to relax your mind, and manage to combat anxiety, anger, give your peace and calm your mind to feel happy with yourself and with others. You can do it in a park, in your garden or somewhere with space and without noise, either alone or with others, the important thing is to admit it and free your mind. Also we all know that yoga is the most relaxing thing ever

2. Dare to practice Tai Chi

The Tai Chi technique manages to channel our energy and make it positive, especially if it is done in a natural environment. With this activity you can improve your mental health, your energy and your nervous system.

In addition, like yoga, it also reduces stress and keeps your emotions in balance. 

3. Practice Pilates

Pilates is a great exercise to do outdoors, as it allows us to correct some postures to keep our back without problems or contractures. In addition, it helps improve thigh strength, as well as maintain balance and a firm body.

With this activity you will be able to relax your mind through the physical, because by exercising your body you not only get in shape, but also achieve mental peace. It is ideal to do it in open environments and enjoy nature and fresh air.

4. Go for a walk or Run

Believe it or not, walking for 30 or 45 minutes a day makes your mind clear of everything that has accumulated, since the brain manages to oxygenate itself. This is achieved thanks to the fact that when you move, the mitochondria wake up, generating energy; For this reason, experts recommend walking continuously and daily because the mitochondria could double in size so that the body produces more energy.

Just moving around will help stimulate blood flow to your brain, resulting in greater mental clarity. So, go out and walk, go down stairs or stretch for a bit and activate your mind.

5. Do any physical sport, like riding a bike

Physical sport is by far the best to improve our bodily health as well as our mental health. As is known, exercising makes the brain release endorphins, which are responsible for making the body feel happy, therefore our mental health benefits.

Riding a bicycle outdoors can free our mind, because it connects us with nature while the body exercises; This can alleviate anxiety, activate our body, relax our mind, sleep better, increase energy and feel happier and more productive.

Do these 5 activities to achieve the perfect balance between a healthy mind and body. Remember that you should not stress unnecessarily, because your health could be affected, on the contrary, clear your mind, achieve peace and vitality to your days.


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